CMS Awarded $9.4M Fuels Project at Several ANG Bases – CONUS

by | Sep 28, 2023 | News

Maumee, OH – CMS Corporation (CMS), a leading construction services provider, is pleased to announce a contract award valued at $9.4 million under the Air Force Regional Engineering & Construction (RE&C) East Region contract. This contract will facilitate the extensive repair and restoration of 12 Jet-A fuel tanks located at several Air National Guard (ANG) bases across the continental United States (CONUS).

The ANG bases selected for this vital undertaking include:

  • Montgomery ANG (Dannelly Field), AL
  • Jacksonville ANG, FL
  • Shepherd Field ANGB (Martinsburg/Eastern WV Regional Airport), WV
  • McEntire ANG, SC
  • Toledo ANG, OH (Toledo Express Airport)
  • Yeager Airport ANG (McLaughlin ANGB), WV

These fuel tanks are currently in active service, playing a pivotal role in supporting aviation operations at their respective bases. Ranging in size from 2,447 barrels (BBL) at McLaughlin ANGB to the largest tank at Shepherd Field ANGB, measuring an impressive 37 feet 7 inches in diameter and 36 feet 9 inches in height, these critical assets are essential for the readiness and capabilities of the Air National Guard.

CMS’s comprehensive scope of work includes meticulous cleaning and vapor freeing of each tank before proceeding with the necessary repairs. Repair requirements may vary from tank to tank, but encompass the following: Internal and external tank coating; repairing or replacing tank bottoms; repairing/replacing pipe supports, shell manways, gauges, stilling wells, valves, high and low-level alarms, piping, nozzles, roof vents, inspection hatches, scaffold supports, telltales, and tank grounding cables; removal and installation of internal access ladders, circumferential stairways, crossover stairs, and platforms; installation of new internal floating roofs; and repairs to containment systems. “We are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety, while contributing to the operational readiness of the Air National Guard,” stated CMS Chairman and CEO, Ernest Enrique.  “Together, with our highly skilled team and partners, we look forward to delivering exceptional results that reinforce our reputation as a trusted leader in the fuels industry.”

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