Seawall picture

Emergency Repair of PARC Seawall

Location: Pililaau (Waianae) Army Recreational Center (PARC), Oahu, HI

Client: USACE Honolulu

Value: $4.7M


  • Replaced 700 LF seawall to protect 1,000-year-old petroglyphs (figures carved in sandstone)
  • Unique site required historical, archaeological and cultural expertise

CMS demolished and replaced 700 LF of the existing seawall that protects the PARC shoreline along Pokai Bay on Oahu. Thousand-year-old petroglyphs, both exposed and buried in the sand, were being damaged due to the failing existing wall.

With the assistance of a Hawaii-licensed professional geotechnical engineer, CMS shored up and excavated the new cement rock masonry seawall. In total, 24 burial sites were encountered during excavation activities. These remains were assessed and relocated with the assistance of an on-site cultural advisor. The seawall had a base width of 11 feet and a total height of 14.5 feet above mean sea level.