All American Landing Zone Drainage & Pavement/Construct Fence

Location: Camp Robinson for Little Rock AFB, AR

Client: US Air Force

Value: $12.6M


  • Hot mix asphalt airfield paving
  • Over 17,000 lf of new fencing to prevent wildlife intrusion
  • Site drainage significantly improved

CMS was awarded a $12.6 million project to repair the All American Landing Zone (AALZ) at Camp Robinson, AR, for Little Rock Air Force Base. Camp Robinson, a 33,000-acre Army National Guard training facility, is the headquarters of the Arkansas National Guard.

Work includes overseeing the full-depth repair of the east, west, and parallel taxiways, demolition of taxiway lighting, re-grading the landing zone to improve storm drainage, and installation of a storm drain under the existing drop zone service road. Another key part of the project is to construct a new deer fence of over 17,000 linear feet around the airfield perimeter to prevent wildlife intrusion. CMS is building new service roads around the deer fence, installing a new storm drain under the fence and service road, and constructing new service roads in the drop zone.