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Repair High Temperature Hot Water (HTHW) & Steam Line D

Location: Wright-Patterson AFB, OH

Client: US Air Force

Value: $5.7M


  • Removed and replaced HTHW lines and high-pressure steam (HPS) lines
  • Work complied with High Performance and Sustainable Building (HPSB) requirements
  • Work required a detailed Traffic Control Plan

CMS excavated and removed 2,500 LF of existing HTHW and/or steam and condensate lines from 3 main locations in Area A. We installed 3,600 LF of new direct bury piping, which included tying new piping into existing lines inside 6 buildings. We implemented a detailed Traffic Control Plan to minimize disruption to traffic on major streets impacted by excavation activities.

CMS also demolished a steam generator and steam/condensate piping, installed custom-designed and fabricated HTHW-to-low pressure steam and HTHW-to-hot water heat exchangers for air handling units (AHUs), and installed new piping, valves, and controls for new heat exchangers in selected buildings.