construction site

D-B Recapitalize Deep Draft Berthing Wharf Charlie C-2

Location: Naval Station Mayport, FL

Client: NAVFAC SE, Mayport FEAD

Value: $26.5M


  • Placed 4,135 tons of piles, including 124 king piles (92’ long, 51,000 lbs each) and 282 sheet piles (64’ long, 6,900 lbs each)
  • Extensive dewatering of excavations 10’ to 20’ below sea level
  • Two landside cranes and a barge crane were used to successfully execute over 2,000 lifts without incident, including approx. 500 critical lifts

CMS was awarded a complex D-B project to rehabilitate Wharf Charlie-2 (C-2), a general-purpose berthing wharf constructed in 1960. The 608-ft-long wharf is one of two primary deep draft berths and a primary ordnance handling wharf for NAVSTA Mayport.

CMS designed and installed a new steel king pile/sheet pile (SSP) system consisting of large vertical king piles with paired steel sheet piles driven between them and connected to the ends of the king piles. The wall was anchored at the top and backfilled. A concrete cap along the top and outside face of the wall tied the entire structure together and provides a berthing surface for vessels. The new bulkhead was designed and constructed for a 50-year service life.